Home Learning weeks 3 and 4

There’s been more amazing learning taking place at home over the last couple of weeks; here’s a selection of what’s been brought in.

Home Learning 6th October


Lucy wrote a fascinating story about a caveman in her shed!

William made a stone henge cake

Caleb wrote a story about a mysterious stranger in his shed.

Joseph wrote some fiendishly difficult maths problems.

Ethan made a cave painting

Mia and Hannah made delicious ‘cake henges’

Maddie made an amazing model of a stone age house

Daisy baked a hunger-causing cake henge

Melissa made a picture of a stone age home

Harry C baked a ‘cake henge’

Lucas wrote some interesting facts

Joshua wrote a terrific story and made a model of a house

Theo produced a cave painting

Harry W and Olivia thought of 5 items to take to the stone age

Isla has been practicing her times tables and rounding

Aaron made a model and a diagram to go with it

Seth wrote an interesting story and painted a cave picture

Ryan wrote some ‘rock hard’ maths problems

Ehran researched some facts about stone henge

Reggie made a cave painting

Rebecca made a ‘twig-tastic’ model

Nikita wrote a fab story




Home Learning October 13th


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