Home Learning 27.10.17

Another awesome week of home learning, the challenge for the roving reporters was to get some alliteration into their descriptions!

Caleb wrote some magnificent maths problems
Jolly Joseph wrote a funny 5 items
Olivia made a marvellous model home
Ryan produced a spectacular Stone Age fact file
Jolly Joshua made a clear cave painting and wrote magnificent maths problems
Aaron brought in a spooky sabre toothed cat factfile
Abbey wrote a silly story!
Seth wrote some muddling maths problems
Lucas baked a creepy cake henge
Millie drew a delightful diagram of a home
Daisy wrote a very secret story!

Home Learning 27.10.17

Hillfort Project

This week, we’ve completed our first project which has been based on hill forts during the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. For our projects, we link as many different areas of learning together into a fun and creative learning experience. For this project, we had to learn about the following areas;
– the names and properties of different quadrilaterals
– how to draw those quadrilaterals
– how to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle
– measure and draw lines accurately
– how to create an iMovie with attached audio and images
– use historical evidence to find out about a period of time

Here is one of our completed videos.

Stone Age Day

We had an amazing day on Tuesday as we went back in time to the Stone Age and Bronze Age! We had to be hunter gatherers and find food that we could eat, build a shelter to keep dry and make tools to do a variety of jobs.

To finish it all off, we made a ‘berry-tastic’ meal with some bread and all kept warm around the camp fire.

Stone Age 1

Stone Age 2

Stone Age 3

Stone Age 4

Home Learning weeks 3 and 4

There’s been more amazing learning taking place at home over the last couple of weeks; here’s a selection of what’s been brought in.

Home Learning 6th October


Lucy wrote a fascinating story about a caveman in her shed!

William made a stone henge cake

Caleb wrote a story about a mysterious stranger in his shed.

Joseph wrote some fiendishly difficult maths problems.

Ethan made a cave painting

Mia and Hannah made delicious ‘cake henges’

Maddie made an amazing model of a stone age house

Daisy baked a hunger-causing cake henge

Melissa made a picture of a stone age home

Harry C baked a ‘cake henge’

Lucas wrote some interesting facts

Joshua wrote a terrific story and made a model of a house

Theo produced a cave painting

Harry W and Olivia thought of 5 items to take to the stone age

Isla has been practicing her times tables and rounding

Aaron made a model and a diagram to go with it

Seth wrote an interesting story and painted a cave picture

Ryan wrote some ‘rock hard’ maths problems

Ehran researched some facts about stone henge

Reggie made a cave painting

Rebecca made a ‘twig-tastic’ model

Nikita wrote a fab story




Home Learning October 13th