Hillfort Project

This week, we’ve completed our first project which has been based on hill forts during the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. For our projects, we link as many different areas of learning together into a fun and creative learning experience. For this project, we had to learn about the following areas;
– the names and properties of different quadrilaterals
– how to draw those quadrilaterals
– how to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle
– measure and draw lines accurately
– how to create an iMovie with attached audio and images
– use historical evidence to find out about a period of time

Here is one of our completed videos.

Stone Age Day

We had an amazing day on Tuesday as we went back in time to the Stone Age and Bronze Age! We had to be hunter gatherers and find food that we could eat, build a shelter to keep dry and make tools to do a variety of jobs.

To finish it all off, we made a ‘berry-tastic’ meal with some bread and all kept warm around the camp fire.

Stone Age 1

Stone Age 2

Stone Age 3

Stone Age 4